What is the lie in Pretty Little Liars?

Lie: The Montgomerys are a perfectly happy family. Truth: Byron is a cheater, and he and Aria are keeping that secret from poor Ella. Lie: Ezra just happens to recognize Aria at the bar. Truth: He knows who she is, and he applied to teach at Rosewood to get to the bottom of the Alison mystery.

What mental illness does Mona have in Pretty Little Liars?

She and Spencer get into a fight near a cliff and Mona is accidentally pushed off. She survives, however, and is committed to the Radley Sanitarium, after being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

Who was the killer in pretty little lies?

In Season 5, Alison’s killer is revealed to also be Big A. In “A is for Answers”, the person who tried to kill Alison and the person who buried her are two different people. Jessica DiLaurentis saw who hit Alison with a rock, and subsequently buried her daughter alive, believing she was dead.

Who is the girl in the Pretty Little Liars intro?

The original Pretty Little Liars intro featured the four Liars standing suspiciously over a coffin, plus Aria (Lucy Hale) shushing the camera with her finger to her lips and a wide-eyed gaze.

Is Alison A sociopath PLL?

Alison is revealed to be “A” and a psychopathic serial killer who murdered a total of seven people.

What disorder did CeCe Drake have?

Mona could have just been a jealous cyber-bully. Mary could have been a woman on the Autism-spectrum scale, and CeCe could have had narcissistic personality disorder (she makes the transition from boy to girl look seamless and glamorous, which is a far cry from the reality of true trans teens). No sanitarium in sight.

Who is the girl in the casket in Pretty Little Liars?

Bethany Young was a 17-year-old Radley Sanitarium patient that was murdered the night of Alison’s disappearance. A year later, her body was discovered and incorrectly identified as Alison DiLaurentis.

What was the secret in Pretty Little Liars?

But an even bigger secret is revealed: Ezra has been tracking Alison and her friends in hopes of writing a true crime novel about Alison’s disappearance and revealing A’s identity. This was a shock to fans (as well as to Aria) because Ezra had so successfully hidden his true motivations for such a long time.

Who was Big A in Pretty Little Liars?

CeCe DrakeBig “A” Big A was the person who took over the “A” game from Mona Vanderwaal after she was admitted to Radley Sanitarium and revealed to be CeCe Drake (A.K.A. Charlotte DiLaurentis or Charles Dilaurentis).

Who hit Ali with A rock?

Later that night, Alison was hit in the back of the head with a rock by Charlotte DiLaurentis and buried alive underneath the gazebo construction site by Jessica DiLaurentis who was under the impression she was dead and was protecting Charlotte. Alison was pulled out of her grave by Carla Grunwald, however.

Who dug up Ali’s grave PLL?

This is something that never added up to me. Although Marlene did confirm that it was Mona & CeCe who dug up the grave – well, more like Mona dug up the grave under CeCe’s orders.

Who killed Mrs De Laurentiis?

sister Mary Drake
This article revolves around the death of Jessica DiLaurentis. She was murdered by her twin sister Mary Drake in “A is for Answers”, and buried in the Hastings’ backyard by Charlotte DiLaurentis, who discovered her body outside the DiLaurentis house.

Why did Jessica Bury Alison?

Jessica has been informed that Alison is alive and Barry asks to speak with her for a moment. In flashbacks, it is revealed that she buried Alison after witnessing her supposed murder to protect that person.

How did Ali get the scar on her thigh?

Notes. Cyrus admits to kidnapping Alison and holding her hostage. He gave Alison the scar on her thigh. He has several aliases and has been arrested half a dozen times.

Who was threatening Alison before she disappeared?

Although Alison seemed to have a perfect life, she was being harassed by a mysterious text-messenger named “A”, shortly before her disappearance. One year after her disappearance, “Alison’s body” was found buried in the backyard of the DiLaurentis house, now inhabited by the St. Germain’s.

Who shot Ezra in Season 4?

After The Liars reunited with Alison in New York City, Shana followed them and tried to shoot them with a gun, but Ezra appeared and was shot instead. Shana tried to finish the job at the Fitzgerald Theatre, but Aria surprises her and hits her with a shotgun.

WHO IS A in season 1?

1. Mona Vanderwaal: leader of the A pack in seasons one and two. 2. Charlotte DiLaurentis, aka CeCe Drake, formerly Charles DiLaurentis: leader of the A pack in seasons three, four, five, and the first half of six.

Who is the girl in Alison’s grave?

Bethany Young is a major posthumous antagonist in the television series “Pretty Little Liars”. Bethany was a patient at Radley Sanitarium and is revealed as both the girl buried in Alison’s grave and the murderer of Marion Cavanaugh.

Do Ezra and Aria get married?

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) and Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) get married, which is definitely something that fans wanted to witness. It also seems like their writing career is going quite well as there’s going to be a movie adaptation of their book. Marriage and career: check and check.

Is Ezra A season 4?

Aria regretfully ended their relationship because it was becoming too complicated. In Season 4, Aria and Ezra get back together while Aria was still dating Jake. Aria tells Ezra he’s “the one” and always has been and breaks up with Jake.

Does Ezra Fitz go to jail?

Why can’t Aria have a baby?

Before her wedding to Ezra, Aria finds out that she will not be able to have children making her believe she can no longer get married since Ezra wants a family.